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UPDATE:  April 4th 2015


This website was called My Health Struggles originally, but I had to change domain names and decided to dedicate it purely to Pancreatitis. That should explain any references you see to the previous site in any of the pancreatitis stories you will find on here.


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Some of you may know that I became an internet entrepreneur awhile back, since that move, I have to focus on whatever is the hottest site / YouTube Channel first. This website began dropping in rankings because you guys didn't share it on Twitter, Facebook, or other social sites. Unfortunately, these days, that's what needs to happen in order for a website to gain popularity, and I really need your help promoting it. I can only do so much myself, but rest assured I wrote many articles on how I transformed my life from being ruined by Pancreatitis. The strange thing is that once I got pancreatitis under control, a freak car accident during a Walmart trip has put me into a new painful situation, this time with my back. Anyways, my hope for this website was to bring awareness to the fact that doctors don't know as much about pancreatitis as mature patients do. The articles I posted here and the comments from other pancreatitis patients can transform your life!


Do You Want Me To Work On This Site More?

If you appreciate how much effort I put into sharing my diet tips, stress tips, and overall proecudre I used to conquer my pancreatitis for the most part, PLEASE don't forget to share this website on Facebook pages, Twitter circles using hashtags, and other health forums. It's the only way to get the word out.


I've done the research, and I don't know of too many people that have helped as many people as I have with this disease. Hopefully you guys will get this website popular again so that I can dedicate at least 1 full workday a week to improving the site and sharing more of my pancreatitis stories with you.


Message from the Creator of the Pancreatitis Forum

Recently Google contacted me to be featured in the Adsense Most Successful Publishers Series on their Blog and YouTube Channel. I am a Web Publisher these days, and the Adsense product SAVED MY HEALTH! I generally am not a big fan of being a public person, but recently I realized that by being a public person, I will be able to reach a wider audience, which can help promote this website and help a lot of pancreatitis sufferers all over the world.Currently I'm looking for someone who can convert all the articles into the top 10 most popular language, so that everyone can benefit around the world from the commuinities informaiton.


Need A Different Language Option?

Spanish Pancreatitis Forum: Foro Pancreatitis en Español


Why Did Google Adsense Improve My Health?

I was able to reduce my stress by working from home, which was a lot less stressful than running a award wining construction company that was swallowed up by the housing bubble and a hardship which might have been avoided. For more on that, read my bio on the Simply Additions website. It's an award winning Home Improvement website .

I have learned a lot since my first shockingly painful bout with pancreatitis. This website is a pet project of mine in my personal mission to bring awareness to what actually works in preventing pancreatitis from destroying your life.


A Little About Me

I highly recommend that you read my bio on the business site Simply Additions, because it will enlighten you as to who I really am. The video above is a clip from a Google Hangout that I was invited to for a series on their Adsense Blog and their Adsense Channel on YouTube. regarding successful web publishers using their products. The health problem I mention in the video is pancreatitis. Let this video be the proof you need that people DO HEAL from pancreatitis on their own as well as with a doctors intervention. Although my methods may not work for everyone, the general knowledge you will learn in the pancreatitis forum will greatly exceed your expectations and your personal outlook on your future. Yes, I still get pancreatitis, but it hardly ever happens any more. At my worst I was getting a ridiculously painful flare-up every six days. Now I have gaps over a year long between bouts and they are generally less painful as well.


The Bottom Liner About Pancreatitis You Need To Read

If you or someone you know has pancreatitis, do yourself a HUGE FAVOR and READ THIS FREE INFORMATION!!! This is a pet project of mine and my sole mission is to help other people learn more and get the real facts from me and many many other people who have commented in our community forum. I welcome any site suggestions that you feel can really improve this website into something that you would actually use to help yourself to up to date comments from all around the world about pancreatitis. We have Twitter FEEDS piping in to give you a one stop information outpost for anything concerning factual pancreatitis information. We're not powered by doctors, we're powered by our own dedication to doing everything within reason in an effort to subdue the dreadful effects pancreatitis produces.


Join The PF Community!  Every Race, Every Ethnicity Is Welcome


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