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How I Decreased My Medical Bill

I wrote a story on hear about "My Outrageous Medical Bills", but what I didn't right about was How to Decreased My Medical Bill, so here's how I did it.


Back in 2004 I was employed as a subcontracted computer engineer. Because of this employement status I did not have any medical insurance. I also opted not to buy any medical insurance on my own either because I was 24 at the time and I was pretty healthy up unit the point where I got my first case of pancreatitis. By the way I also wrote about my pancreatitis experience on here.


So after spending 6 days in the hospital I was expecting a hefty bill from the hospital but nothing like the bill that I received; it was a little over $30,000! I couldn't believe that's how much my care cost at the hospital. After all, I did not receive any type of surgery or anything like that, just a cat scan, meds, and an ultrasound.


When I received the hospital bill I was shocked and knew that I had to figure out a way to decrease my medical bill. At first I did not make any sort of payment on the bill; that was not really by plan, but because I was researching ways on how to decrease the medical bill.


Eventually the hospital sent my bill to collections. On the collections letter it did say that this will not be reported to the credit bureaus. I'm not sure if this is still the case but I believe it is. So The first step I took was not paying my hospital bill at all.



Once the collection agency called me, I told them that there was simply no way that I could afford to pay the bill at that time. They insisted that I start a payment program. I was sort of avoiding their collection calls at that time. I also tried applying for programs like the "free bed program", and other medical assistance programs to help me with the hospital bill which was now in collections.


One day the medical collections agency  called me and I picked up. I told them that I watched a program on TV, and people were able to negotiate and decrease their medical bills significantly. I had to submit some paystubs, or tax statements and they ended up decreasing my medical bills by half. So in the end I did pay somewhere around 14k for my 6 days the hospital. That was actually my down payment for my home that I saved up.


So if you are in a similar position where you want to decrease your medical bills, you can take use this approach at your own risk obviously. It did work for me, but I was still out $14,0000. Now by the way I carry health insurance, because the slightest hospital visit can cost you more than a year's premium of health insurance easily!

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