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My Outrageous Hospital Bills

If you read my other story here, then you know that I have chronic pancreatitis. I had my first acute pancreatitis occurrence in 2004 and at the time I had no health insurance. I was admitted to New Britain General Hospital on a Saturday, and was released the following Friday.


My hospital stay was horrible and I think it had something to do with the fact that I didn't have health insurance at the time. The nurses treated me badly and hardly ever came, when I pressed the button to alert them that I was in a lot of pain from my acute pancreatitis symptoms.


The day I left the hospital, I felt very happy to leave. But two weeks. later I received my hospital bill from New Britain General, it was for $30,000!!! OMG! I had a good paying job, but that hospital bill was outrageous.


At first glance at the hospital bill, I thought that there must be some type of billing error, but there wasn't. The hospital billed me $30,000.00 for a cat scan, ultrasound, and the hospital stay, for my first extremely painful episode of pancreatitis.


I was only in my mid twenties at the time and I had absolutely no health problems before that episode of acute pancreatitis. I worked as an independent consultant and never really bothered to seek health insurance before that.


 After that moment though, I realized that health insurance is a must, because you never know what could happen and if you don't have health insurance, the hospital bill that you will get, could be outrageously large.


I ended up negotiating my hospital bill down to about $14,000 after it went to collections. So the money that I had saved for a down payment on my first house, went to pay for my hospital bill. Nice Huh?


Don't neglect to get health insurance; it can save you thousands of dollars! My friend broke his arm without health insurance and his hospital bill was $7,000!


I'm looking to read more stories or comments here about your outrageous hospital bills.

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