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Most Stressful Travel Experience Ever

stressful-travel-experienceKiplinger's Personal Finance magazine wanted to know about the most horrifying travel experience... I sent them this because bar none, it was the most stressful flight ever!


I went to Poland to visit my family in 2000. The trip itself was amazing, on the way back however, there was a screaming child from hell.Did you ever find yourself at the supermarket, subway, or store next to a screaming 6 year old? Sure we all have. Can you imagine what it would be like if you were within a few feet next to a screaming toddler on a 9 hour flight? Well that is exactly what happened to me on our return flight from Krakow to JFK.


The flight started out okay from what I remember, but approximately a few hours into the 9 hour flight, the toddler in the center isle row next to us, began screaming. This was no ordinary "I'm a cranky child, please give me a treat type of screaming", no, this was more like: I'm getting tortured in a horror movie type of screaming. The child screamed for what seemed like every minute the whole plane ride back. Usually in matters like this, the parent takes control of their child in some form, out of common courtesy for everyone else traveling. This mom however, did not lift a finger! She was clearly overrun by her own 6 year old. I have no idea why the child was screaming like that, I could see his face and he didn't look like he was in any pain. In fact, he looked like he was doing it plainly to annoy his mother. That flight was absolutely the worst travel experience I have ever had. Just picture yourself in a sealed tube with a kid who cannot stop screaming at the top of his lungs; that was the most annoying flight of my life

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