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Going to a Chiropractor

Chiropractic-adjustmentThree years ago a local chiropractor called my office out of the blue and asked if I would be interested in a free chiropractic health assessment. At the time I was dealing with reoccurring cases of pancreatitis and I have previously decided to look into acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments as treatment and preventive maintenance.


My chiropractor assessed that the curve of my spine was improper after taking some x-rays and he recommended that I do some traction work on this strange contraption that strapped your neck into a strange position for half an hour. I had no clue if this was going to work so but I also figured that I had nothing to lose so I signed up for the chiropractic adjustments and 3 months of intensive chiropractic traction treatments.


The chiropractic adjustments did make me feel better and more loose in my skin. Somehow I did feel better after getting a chiropractic adjustment. My chiropractor hooked me up with an iPod Nano and force fed me chiropractic history as I sat there hung up in his chiropractic traction device. I must say that I'm not sure if the traction device did anything, I guess I'm skeptical when it comes to that, but the chiropractic adjustments did make me feel better in general.


However, my acute pancreatitis flare ups persisted and once I even took the chiropractors word and came to his office in the onset of an acute pancreatitis flare-up. The chiropractic adjustment did nothing and the pain from my pancreatitis got worse as I was not treating it with any type of pain killer. I had to get rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and I'm sure that did no make the chiropractor too happy.


In my summary of chiropractic treatment I would say do if you are having any type of back issues

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