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Born With Pancreas Divisum And A Plan to Avoid Pancreatitis


Stop Avoid PancreatitisI just read all of your latest comments related to people dealing with pancreatitis. I will be posting your comments on our Facebook Page, so that we can generate more awareness about pancreatitis and how to recover from its impact on your life.


I am all too familiar with pancreatitis and I had my moments of doubt about whether or not I could ever get better, especially when I was under a huge amount of stress during the closing of my previous business. I didn’t feel comfortable with how little doctors seemed to know about the problem and decided to take matters into my own hands. I’ve tried many things such as changing my diet, abstaining from alcohol, walking, cutting out coffee and so on. I have also had 3 ERCP’s done, most of them were discovery focused and on two occasions they tried putting in a stent but it wouldn’t fit.


I too was born with pancreas divisum and it took doctors 5 years to figure that out. I admit that it really did suck to not know why I was getting pancreatitis in the first place. But now I am much better!


After years and years, and many episodes I slowly discovered that stress was the absolute major factor in my reoccurrences of pancreatitis. It took me a while to figure out how to manage stress but I admit that a change of career had a HUGE impact on the quality of my life.


I am not a doctor, but I strongly feel that most people can recover from pancreatitis at least to the point that they can really cut down or minimize the intensity of their flare-ups. Of course I base this judgment on what I have endured for 8 years and what I’m learning from all of you who I am so proud of for writing in. I go off the point a little, but I just want to tell all of you who commented on my previous avoiding pancreatitis stories, that your comments will one day help someone learn the true reality of dealing with pancreatitis! This knowledge was rare to find online and I’m truly grateful that I created the first website that I know of, that really provides accurate first hand information about pancreatitis.



The bottom line is that there is hope for you, heck I should know because I don’t just write these stories; I’ve lived through them. You might have to climb a mountain before you figure out how and what to do about your avoiding your pancreatitis issues. I strongly suggest as always to do the following:


1. Document your flare ups (3 day meal journal and 3 day stress journal = read my other articles for a complete description on how I do it).

2. Please read all of my articles on this site about pancreatitis if you are truly interested in learning information that MOST DOCTORS will not tell you! To get started scroll up and click on “LexV” where it says written by underneath the page title. That link will bring you to a page with all of my articles. Most of them have to do with pancreatitis, even if the article title doesn’t mention the word itself.

3. Participate in the forum by commenting or posting your own stories on this site. You never know where help could come from, but you can’t get help if you stay invisible. My email address can be found on the homepage.

4. Good luck and God Bless!


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