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Dear friend,


I wrote an article on this website that I thought would help thousands of people suffering with pancreatitis, by sharing my 8 years of personal pancreatitis experience with them. I did however write the article in a funny and ironic way, which has come to my attention that some people got offended before they even reached the good part -> healing pancreatitis information.


Here's a little background:

I' ve had pancreatitis since 2004. I had four ERCPS, I've had doctors try to insert a stent, but the stents wouldn't fit. I've had doctors recommend many different procedures; none of which I have actually chosen to do. I've tried pancreatic enzymes with little benefits.


After dealing with pancreatitis for 5 years, my gastroenterologist finally learned that I was born with a pancreas divisum. FIVE YEARS it took! I admit that it sucked going through those five years with almost no clue of why the most incredible pain I ever felt happens to me.


Voitek Lex KlimczykI've been looked at as an alcoholic when I went to the emergency room, since pancreatitis is something that happens often to alcoholics. Since I am not an alcoholic, I felt really offended on many visits to the ER. Eventually my medical history followed me around to each hospital and I was being treated like a normal human. I actually would tell the emergency staff my entire medical history with pancreatitis right at admittance, so that they do not label me and treat me differently while I'm there.


Anyways, it's been a long 8 years and I've learned that pancreatitis was sort of unpredictable, at least that's how I used to feel. Now, I know different and I can pretty much guess when I will have a flare up based on a few factors which I will discuss below.


To clear things up before we move forward, I have had times where I would get a serious pancreatitis flare-up every 5 to 6 days. Now, I get a few (2-3) mild flare ups a year!!! that's right folks from serious to mild and from every week to a few a year! The change is dramatic and I'm so excited about it that I've created this website and wrote these articles to help people who are not being helped enough by their doctors.


Since we are on the topic of clearing misconceptions up, lets talk about diet and pancreatitis. Now it is true that diet is a factor and I will not deny that. I used to think that it was the only factor or the only major factor in the manifestation of my episodes. What I learned along the way is that if you learn to control your stress a different way, diet will be only a minor factor if that. So just to be clear, it is possible for you to get healthy and eat the foods you want (in moderation) without triggering a flare up. There is a caveat, and that is you will have to master a new stress managing technique.


In a nutshell I completely changed my life by documenting my diet and stress factors on the day I got pancreatitis, and documenting the same info up to 2 days prior to the flare up. After some time I noticed a pattern emerging. Stressful factors like fighting with my mom, or problems with my business were a huge contributor in creating the MAJORITY of my flare-ups.


So I thought I could meditate more and possibly become a calmer person. Well, that didn't take. So I tried something new. I tried to get rid of my stress almost immediately after getting into it. What does that mean?


Instant Stress Relief Techniques for Pancreatitis


1. You have to release your anger, tension, fear, anxiety, or whatever negative stress factor almost immediately after acquiring it.


Example for you to paint a picture in your mind: Imagine you are at the supermarket and someone crashes a car into a car you are very fond of. At that point you have a few options of how you can react.


option 1: You can zen monk the action and pretend that you are not bothered and you try to resolve the matter calmly, at least from the perspective of the outside world.


option 2: You scream your head off at the irresponsible malcontent  allowing your anger to build in your body. Sometimes you can even feel the anger building in your abdomen. Think about it, have you ever been so mad that you can feel the anger in you? Have you ever heard the expression, "sick to my stomach?  [ bookmark this scenario in your head for later]


option 3: You accept what happened and know that it cannot be undone. You do what needs to be done, acquire the persons insurance info etc. You yell or raise your voice if you need to relief some immediate stress, like a blow off valve releases steam, so a pipe doesn't burst from excessive pressure.


So what is the right answer to instantly relieve stress and prevent a pancreatitis flare up? Here's my answer. In a stressful situation I might yell, I might look to the outside world like an angry beast, but on the inside I'm calm as a cucumber. There is no bubbling in my stomach, there is no anger building. I release my stress immediately if need be by  raising  my voice, yelling, using hand gestures  or what have you. These techniques (albeit silly at times) allow me to function like a blow off valve to release pressure. I maybe unhappy with the situation, but I do not allow the situation to take me over.


So my advice is to accept the stressful situation first that it happened and there is no recourse. Then yell kick or scream to blow off the pressure the situation caused you in the first place. Lastly handle the situation professionally from then on and let go of it by not allowing yourself to dwell on it anymore. Don't relive the situation by telling everyone about it and re-experiencing the feeling of stress.  


The bottom line is that you have to relieve yourself of the pressure stress causes in your life, because that type of stress creates a mess within your body. I'm not a doctor but I know that stress like that can create free radicals which attack your body. If someone or something stress you out, immediately relieve yourself from it's pressure.


I guarantee to you, that if you start practicing and eventually master this technique, you will just like me reduce your pancreatitis flare-ups!


Wouldn't it be nice to have pizza when you want it? Wouldn't it be nice to have a tropical drink when your on a vacation? Wouldn't it be nice to have that thing doctors say you can't have because it's a factor to creating pancreatitis for you?


Of course it would! I'm telling you right now, that this is what I do in a nutshell and it has changed my life. Of course you have some options after you read this right?


option 1: You take this personal story that basically took me 8 years to write and you say to yourself, man this guy is full [email protected]#[email protected]# and just move  on.


option 2: You sort of want to believe it but, it requires doing something you don't want to so the information will just sit with you at the good to know level.


option 3: You take back control of your health by trying something that has a lot of common sense built in. #1 you already felt that stress might be a factor and you know that anger does build inside you on occasion.  #2 You think about having a normal life again and realize that venting your immediate stress may not be such a bad thing to try after all. What do you have to loose?


I really wish I could reach everyone's heart through this story. I really wish that I can crush your walls and get you to understand that this does work. You walking around with all that stress inside you is only making you sick.


At the end of 2009 I was closing down a business that I loved and I had stress up the yin yang. During that time I suffered the worse bouts of pancreatitis in my entire history dealing with it. I'm generally a positive person, but at that time, I started to really question if I could really pull this off without letting pancreatitis take over my life.


Eventually that catastrophe of losing my business was over, I got married a few months after and my life has changed dramatically for the better. I mastered my stress by releasing the steam before something blew up inside of me.

Now I drink tropical drinks on vacation, eat pizza, ribs, nuts, whatever and for the most part I'm perfectly healthy. Sure I still get a few episodes a year, but that doesn't compare to the dozens I used to get a year!


Living with pancreatitis can be a nightmare. I took my nightmare and made myself a better person from it. The truth is I actually prayed to God in 2004 to help me become more responsible and more successful. I like to think that God responded by giving me something I could not ignore. It took years for me to see the curse or pancreatitis as a blessing in disguise. I quit my job at Pfizer as a computer engineer to start a company originally called Divinity Realty which was a real estate investing company. I then switched gears and opened up a construction company called Divinity Realty Creations. Soon after I formed a company called Simply Additions. Simply Additions was a terrific company delivering excellent service to homeowners who needed the most expensive remodeling project built "home additions".  It has won countless awards from the Better Business Bureau, State Attorney General, and the Department of Consumer Protections. Unfortunately the economy caused me to close the doors of Simply Additions at the end of 2009, but I will keep my beloved website open forever.


Now I'm back to square one, working from home on a computer (Became a computer geek after watching an old 80's movie called "War Games") and getting paid by Google, YouTube, and a few other partners.


Because of pancreatitis I turned my life completely around and basically grew into a a real man. I became responsible and successful even though life has thrown me down a few times. I always get back up and fight another day for what I believe in. Now I get to work from the comfort of my own home, write articles that help people, and get to read comments from people who really appreciate my stories, videos, and articles. I really love what has happened to me because of all this.


I actually asked for this in my opinion and it has done to me exactly what I asked God for help with. The journey was incredibly hard and at many times painful, but there have also been moments of completely bliss.


Good luck to you all and better yet, make your own luck. Please write me your comments below, and email me if you wish. Take care of yourself! Cool

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