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Pancreatitis Causes: 8 Years of Personal Experience Finally Reveals Solutions to Healing

I created this website My Health Struggles because of a health issue that has completely changed my life and turned it upside down. I'm talking about pancreatitis folks.

Warning: This article contains information that can help you, but it may also annoy you. I wrote it to stand out in your mind,so that it doesn't get lost amongst all the other stories you've read on pancreatitis. Everything in this article is true and I went from a time where I would get a horrible flare-up every 5 or 6 days to a couple of mild flare-ups a year. 


My fist episode was in 2004 and it was the most painful and frightening experience of my life. Until I actually felt my first episode, I really did not know what pain really was until it happened.

So it's been a long eight years dealing with pancreatitis and even worse, dealing with clueless doctors, who just want to poke, prod, and use you like a lab rat for their experiments.

In those eight years I have had suggestions to have my gall bladder removed, various different procedures and operations to be performed on my pancreas and I even had a few procedures done.


Voitek Lex KlimczykSo what have I learned? You will be amazed to know that you can truly limit the amount of pancreatitis flare ups, by controlling your stress. Yes I know that diet is important, hell, you are reading an article about a guy who has been dealing with this painful affliction for 8 years you know. I'm being really honest and straight forward with you! You have to, You absolutely must, it is imperative that you do something about how you handle stress.


If you are anything like me, which my wife would argue that there is probably no one quite like me; but that's a different story, one about living by your word and pushing yourself and the people you care about constantly.


Anyways, if you are like me in the respect of how a normal person deals with stress, you most likely hold things in for a little too long. You know when someone really pisses you off, but you try to be polite and act mature by pretending that they are not affecting you, but inside your stomach is turning and you might even feel like smacking them in the head? Well it's time to stop holding that anger and frustration in!


That anger and stress creates something called free radicals, which basically act like microscopic anarchy agents within your body and they like to cause, well.... anarchy!


And if you are like me, you might have a pancreas divisum, which means you were born with a narrow stricture by which your pancreas is supposed to drain it's fluids. Well when you have just too many fluids to drain from a little pipe, guess what? You get to experience Pancreatitis!


Anyways, stay with me here, because I am writing this as if I'm personally telling you my life story, as we sit  at a coffee shop, but not Starbucks, because their coffee is just way to bitter for me, and Dunkin Donuts sells burned coffee, because their lazy ass workers don't have the time to clean the coffee pots at night. Oops, I'm getting off track... This is exactly what happens when I talk to people about something that I'm passionate about. Back to the free radicals.


I did what any American would do, and that is declare war! What? declare war? What the hell is this guy talking about? (your thoughts at this very moment). I'm talking about declaring war on the free radicals. You go to Trader Joes and online to order every disgusting snake oil, nasty shake, but good for you juice and fruit, and supplement that is supposed to change your life and reverse the aging process, but the darnest thing happens. NOTHING!!!!!!!!


That's right, after spending tons of cash on hippie dippy drinks and pills, you are still keeled over your bed, holding your abdomen because your pancreas is still giving you a fight and a level of pain that most people could hardly imagine.


And you try every positive affirmation in the world that you know of because of course you had to become positive along the way, yet you are still in pain!


So what the hell are you to do now? Well, say goodbye to your hippy dippy pills, say good bye to Acai juice or whatever that is clearly not working, because, hey, you are on my website because you are literally sick and tired of the BS you have to deal with . So here' what you do:


Step 1: Use Microsoft Outlook Calendar, iCal on your Apple devices, or Google Docs Calendar or whatever to chart every single episode of pancreatitis that you get from now on.


And you will also document what you ate three days prior to the event ,as well as any stressful moments you have dealt within the past three days leading up to the actual pancreatitis flare up.


I know it sounds like a lot, especially to someone who is still having problems getting out of their own way (that may be you, but it may not be, just sayin). But listen, you don't have to believe a word I say, I am just telling you that this works for me, and I probably have a lot less flare ups then you do at this point. So listen up, or don't change anything and continue to suffer.


Yes I know I have a charming personality Tongue out, but what you should focus on is the actual priceless information that I'm trying to beat into your head, because I'm sure doctors and the TV have worn down your will at least a little bit.


You have to fight for yourself and take matters into your own hands. No one is going to fight this fight for you,  and if you don't take the initiative and do this for yourself, no one will and nothing will change!


Here's an example of how I would chart my experience. Let's  say that I got a pancreatitis flare up on 2/28/2012. I would open up my Outlook Calendar and type in the following:


  • 1:00pm Pancreatitis Flare up. 
  • almond butter and preserve sandwichham,
  • low fat mayo, mustard, on rye sandwich
  • 3 coffees


  • almond butter and preserve sandwich
  • ham, low fat mayo, mustard, on rye sandwich
  • Spaghetti and meatballs made of turkey
  • Low fat vanilla Yogurt
  • 3 coffees
  • 2 teas
  • Major fight with mom


  • almond butter and preserve sandwichham,
  • low fat mayo, mustard, on rye sandwich
  • Pizza  from dominos, four slices
  • Low fat vanilla Yogurt
  • 2 coffees
  • 3 teas
  • Problem with a consultant that really pissed me off.

So as you could see, I charted 3 days worth of food intake and stress factors. and yes I do know that it is annoying to do this, but it is definitely not as annoying as having an episode of pancreatitis. I hope we can agree on that.


So I've been doing this for a few years and guess what I found out. STRESS CAUSES PANCREATITS!


But there are other factors as well. If I eat really well, meaning no junk food, no fattening food, and I have a stressful situation, I'm usually okay, or I'll have a tiny episode where I just feel more discomfort than actual pain.


On the other hand, If I had a huge blow out with a family member, and I happened to eat greasy food like pizza or burgers, guess what? Yep, pancreatitis hell.


I've recorded moments where three days prior I had a very stressful moment which led up to my pancreatitis episode three days later. Trust me, after you gather facts like this for three years, you will see a pattern.


So when something happens that is stressful to me, I don't hold it in anymore. I observe the situation as if I am just looking at it happening to someone else. Yes I know it's pretty ZEN monk of me, and kind of like Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, right?


I may even yell and express my anger, but I do not allow the anger in. Meaning I do not allow it to fester and build. I accept the anger and quickly release it. If I have no one to vent too, I take a drive in my car, blast the radio and sing my own lyrics, lyrics that motivate me to succeed.


I've learned to deal with stress in a way that it doesn't sit at the pit of my stomach and turn it. And my friend, I can honestly tell you that if you document your episodes like I've demonstrated to you, you will see your patterns and you will finally see a glimmer of hope to curing your situation!


I used to get at least one bad, and I mean nasty pancreatitis flare up every three months when I was doing well with everything, but that is before I did what I told you to do in this article. Now I frankly don't recall a bad episode, because it has been a long while! And if stress causes it for me, then unless you are an alien, stress is a factor for you, even if you don't know it yet. BTW: When I was doing really bad, I would get a bad epiosode every 5 or 6 days; coincidentally I was also going through the most stressful time of my life. Coincidence, I think not!


You have to make all the connections yourself. Your doctor will not be able to help you in this way, because all they want to do is prescribe you pain pills and ERCPS, and surgeries, because that is all they know. And let's face it, they make money from pushing pills and procedures. It's a very sad but true story Cry.


I'm not saying that all doctors are bad, and that no one should get procedures done. No! I am saying that!  it's time to listen to the pearls of wisdom that I decided to share with the world that I KNOW will help you decrease your pancreatitis flare ups. And I would love for you to COMMENT about what you are going through. Hell, I'd love it if you posted your story on here Cool, because I want more people to become aware of this knowledge. Because I DO want to help people! Innocent


I had to struggle for 8 years, because frankly I have not seen anyone write about this in the manner that I have. I have not read anything but, you have to get surgeries, you have to stop eating everything you like, etc.


Please spread this article around by sharing a link everywhere you can. It can really change someone life tremendously. I wish I could get everyone with pancreatitis to read this article. Maybe you know how to do that? Think of sharing this article as your good deed towards getting healthy yourself. You don't get something for nothing you know. You have to give a little in life instead of just taking.


Share this on Twitter, Facebook, on blogs, or whatever. I want to get the word out. Because I've had over 10 gastroenterologists. Some were a freaking joke. Some were good in the beginning, and then once I became their patient (more like customer), things churned for the ugly.


I am not a piece of meat for them to experiment on. I had 4 ERCPS and they all caused a flare up. I have had attempts to put stents in, but they all failed. What I have found and documented is really a GEM for anyone who is dealing with this awful issue. I'd really appreciate it if you can spread the word for me. Take Care and Good Luck with everything.


BTW: I did meet two doctors who commended me and agreed with my wisdom. They have undoubtedly given me the extra confidence I needed to follow my heart in healing myself.


Shoot your questions using the comment section below or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also create an account on this website and write your own story. If that is too hard for you, please email me your story and I will post it for you. I really want to make this website popular, because we as patients need to be active and we need to let other people know the real facts about things like pancreatitis and basically any other health issue.


We have the power to take our health back because of the power the internet gives us. God Bless.

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