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How To Share Your Story – It's Easy

If you do not wish to create an account but wish to email your story instead, please send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Instructions for New Accounts

1.       Login to the site (If you have not registered to become a member, you must do that first). The "Login Here" Box is located on the right. You can login and register from that area.


You can use an anonymous name for the Name field as well as the Username field, example:

Name: JohnD

Username: JohnD

*Remember that you can share your personal info or keep it anonymous. All member stories do include the caption "Written by" , if you would like to keep this anonymous, simply use an anonymous name at registration.

You can always email us to change your name  or username at anytime.

2.       Once you are logged in "Share Your Story" link will pop up in the top menu bar, click on it to bring up the editor – word processor.


3.       Give your story a title and enter it into the Title box. NOTE: Don't hit the save button near your story title until you have finished writing your story.


4.       Write your story in the big white box. (We will proof read your story and add a picture if you have not done so, before it will be posted live.)


5.       Next pick the Category from the drop down list.


6.       Skip the Description and Keywords box and hit the SAVE button near your story title.


7.       That's it!

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